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Oil paintings by Ron Keas.........

"Oval Office"
24x30" oil on canvas

Close up from the painting above

Left to right- Chelsea, Hillary's Mother, Hillary and Bill Wedding, Socks the Cat, Bill Clinton.


For the past 8 years I have been known as the most prolific Obama artist, having done over 50 oil paintings of President Obama in support of his Presidency.  My Obama art has been featured in articles by the Huffington Post, pictured on the front page of the New York Times, printed in Obama's birth month in the Diversity Calendar sold at his first inauguration, featured at Manifest Hope Gallery at the Denver Convention, published in Shepard Fairey's book "Art for Obama", and other publications.

Now I am concentrating my artistic efforts in support of a Hillary for President campaign.  I currently have completed 6 Hillary oil paintings, and they are posted on my Hillary for President website. The paintings include two 2016 campaign style posters, a painting of Hillary's future inauguration, standing with Bill and Chelsea, a painting of a young boy and girl sitting on a couch watching TV with one of my Hillary posters on the TV screen.  It is titled "The Next Generation".  Another painting shows President Obama sitting at a desk with my Hillary poster on the wall behind him.  The main painting shows Hillary seated at the President's desk in the Oval Office.  On the table behind her are family pictures including, Chelsea, Hillary's mother, Bill and Hillary's wedding, Socks the Cat, and Bill Clinton playing the saxophone.  I will continue to add new paintings of Hillary to my website as I finish them.   I will be doing this for the next two years, so I should have even a larger number of Hillary paintings than I did for Obama. My inspiration for new paintings will mainly come from what is happening in the news in regards to Hillary.

"The White House is the Right House for Hillary" - Ron Keas

Red White & Blue
11x14 oil on canvas
painted using only the colors Red, White, and Blue

"Hope for the Future"
16x20" oil on canvas

16x20" oil on canvas

"For the next Generation"
18x24" oil on canvas

"Painting her President."
18x24" oil on canvas

11x14 oil on canvas
World's first and only Hillary painting poster in 3-D
Available soon as a poster with 3-D glasses.

Ron Keas.........

Ron Keas
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